Access Token for Zapier

I’m a “zapier” developer doing some work for a client.

We need to remove a tag, but there’s no zapier integration for that.

I see the API end point, therefor I need an access token.

I’m not building an app, I’m using Zapier to make POST.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the access token set up?


I’ll let someone else comments re: API, but another very easy way to set up what you are trying to do is to apply a tag that will trigger a sequence that will remove the desired tag. Sounds convoluted, but works very well and very easily.

Inside Infusionsoft, you would set up something that looks like this.
Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 10.31.55 AM.png

You apply the “Remove X” tag, then inside that sequence, you remove both the tag you want removed and the “remove X” tag.


That’s perfect. Thank you sir.

I’m not well versed in IFS, they’ve got me for the MBO end of this project. I’ll let them know that’s what we need to do.

Thanks again!

No problem.
If you are intersted in collaborating for any of your clients (you do your side, I can help with Infusionsoft), let me know. I’m a Zapier Certified Expert, too, but would rather have someone else I can depend on to do that work, so we may be able to refer biz back and forth. My contact info below.


Hi Jeff! Would you know if I’d be able to use Zapier to connect my Infusionsoft database with my online booking program (MindBody)? We are a small gym looking to integrate these two programs to keap our membership lists updated.

This is the most popular service I’ve seen (Zapier doesn’t have an integration):
If you are only syncing contacts (not automation triggers, etc.), then you can also use piesync.


Joe, I can help you out if the monthly fees on the two that Jeff are too much or they don’t offer what you need.

I’m well versed in the MBO API.