Why is every note that I make duplicating when I save it?

Today for some reason when I make a note in a customers file it duplicates it when I save it!? I am the only one in my office that this is happening to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hey @Jen_Peebles. I haven’t seen any reports of this. I did a little testing in my application and your application. Created a test record, and went inside it to add a note to the record, and I am only getting 1 note when I save. Are you still currently experiencing this.? If so, I would recommend first giving your browser a full cache and cookies clear, and then logging back in to test applying a note.

If you are still experiencing this after that, I would recommend reaching out to our support team so that they can gather some information about your situation. to look into the server logs to see if we can pinpoint why this is happening.

When I run into strange things of this nature, I usually start with my Cache and Cookies though, test in a private window, or open my other browser (I usually use Chrome, so I give it a test in firefox to see if I experience the same results.)

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Thanks @James_Mefford for having a look at this. Ever since starting with this company a month ago and coming across weird anomalies, I have started the process of clearing my cache and cookies on a daily basis. I have never seen this type of error yet, and of course, it can’t be duplicated by anyone! :roll_eyes: If I continue to have this error, I will call in and open a support ticket. Thought I would ask here first…I tend to get what I need from chatting with other people. :grin:

I hear that! When you can share information on issues that other people have ran into, makes life a bit easier.

As I said, I browsed caselogs to see if I could come up with something, and the closest I came up with was an issue we experienced where some users were seeing duplicate promotions being created at save. No note related reports, though.

As for pinpointing the cause of the issue, the incognito/private window is one solution, but also, for testing sake, a browser switch, if possible. (Chrome to Firefox, or vice verse) Also confirming that your browsers are up-to-date.

And you mentioned no one being able to create it. Does this include the other users on your application? None of them are seeing the same issue?

@Jen_Peebles, what Web Browser are you using?

Clearing the cache every day is not really necessary. It either sounds like it could be your Browser, or a Plugin / Extension, or something is corrupted on your computer.

Do what @James_Mefford has said. But also try turning off any Browser Plugins / Extensions as well. If that does not make a difference, then I guess the problem is not present when using someone else computer when logged into your account? If that is okay, then it sounds like some issue on your computer.

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