Why don't I have the E-commerce setup button?

Why don’t I have the E-commerce setup button ?
I am trying to set up the stripe into IFS and can’t work out how. I have a nexus account.

Trying to set up an order form too?

@Kate_Langford. If your E-Commerce menu looks like this, then you have an edition that does not have full E-commerce. You will still be able to use Stripe, but won’t have access to order forms or the shopping cart.

Great thanks!
How do I get stripe to marry up with infusion soft?

We have a Partner who offers a direct integration. It used to be called Stripeyfuse, it’s now called Nexus Merchants. @Marc_Summers

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Take a look at NexusMerchants.com

NexusMerchants.com allows you to use Stripe as a native merchant account with Infusionsoft orderforms and subscriptions.