Where to download isdk.php

hi where can i get this file isdk.php require(“…/…/src/isdk.php”); fro authentication?


That is apparently referring to an outdated name for the official PHP sdk:

is it necessary to refresh the tokens if previous tokens are not expired? i have noticed that when i set the stored tokens using following command it updates [endOfLife] only 2018-03-02_1136


You should refresh tokens periodically regardless, as it prevents anyone who has intercepted the token from keeping illicit access to the system, and you won’t encounter errors when trying to access endpoints due to an expired token. However, it is not necessary. You could wait for the Access Token to expire, trap the error and refresh the token at that time, then retry the request with the new Access Token.

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i’ve another concern, while i was and iam testing the OAuth, i granted access to my IS app two times and store the tokens separately and those two sets of token can be used to refresh the token, why doesn’t the new authentication null and voids the previews sets of tokens?

This is mainly to support to multiple devices. If you have a mobile app for instance you might have the same user authorize access for the same Infusionsoft App multiple times. One on a phone, one on a tablet, maybe a desktop browser, etc. So we support multiple access tokens with the same user context (user and app combination).