Where are webinars posted?

Where can I see the webinar schedules? I see them on the FB group, but if I miss it, I hvae to scroll and try to find it. Very annoying. Is there somewhere one can easily see what’s happening. For example, I’m pretty sure there’s one today…


Hi Sarvy, what kind of webinars are you looking for? Where are you seeing them in the Facebook group? If you can share an example then we can try and help you find a listing them.

hi Greg,

I’m looking for the boosters. They are posted on the FB group, but only in the feed… so I had to open the feed as long as possible, then search the webpage for ‘booster’ or ‘webinar’ to finally find it. Very annoying. I’m sure they post them somewhere for easy viewing…

Also, any other webinars would be great too… if there are any I dont’ know of them :slight_smile:

I suspect @Matt_Vosburgh could point you toward a solution. :slight_smile:

Hey Sarvy! You can get all the Business Booster magic right here: http://bit.ly/ICPBusinessBooster