UTM Codes on links in emails

I went through a clients campaign and added utm code to all urls in our clients campaigns. A month later, none of the UTM codes have carried over into analytics. I checked all the links and sent test emails when I installed them and all the redirect showed the utm. IHas anyone had issues with UTM extentions on URLs not showing up int heir google analytics?

Hi Danielle! I believe you and I worked earlier on a support chat, so I’m just messaging here to know that we were able to figure out the issue, which had to do the campaign publishing. Feel free to reach back out again for more help!

Hi Courtney, yes we did. I have gone through and published all campaigns but I had sent test emails prior to “publishing” at the campaign level and the url was correct, with UTM and all. So at the very least, there should have been some page-views showing up in Analytics for my tests. But, there aren’t so I am still wondering if there is something else happening.