Uploading Field With Multiple Selections

Hi there! I’m trying to update a bulk list of existing contacts with a field value that allows for multiple selections. When I import the list using the upload tool, it’s trying to force me to select one value for records that have multiple selections. Is there a way around this or a better way to approach this?

Can’t say I’ve tried this, but this MIGHT work.

The data in the CSV is comma separated. If you separate the field values for the list box by semi-colons it might work.

Something like

previous field, option 1; option 2; option 3, next field

I hope that works, but honestly no idea, let us know!

(I’d test that with a small sample)


The only way to do it is to create duplicate columns. For example we have a field that is called “Contact Role” where the contact can be in multiple roles like “IT Contact” or “Marketing Contact”. I found I had to duplicate the import column and put each unique value in each column and that way it allowed them all to come in.