Upload photos from phone directly to file box

Most our sales people take photos on their phones and need to easily upload to file box by contact name. I downloaded infusionsoft app on my iphone and can’t find anyway to get a photo directly into infusionsoft? Is this possible or will we have to upload to computer and save and then attach? Is there an add on? Please help-thanks!

Might not be exactly what you need - but Novak Solutions has an Upload Picture tool for uploading a photo from a cell phone to a contact’s filebox.

You put a link in an email or on a thank you page and the link opens the photo upload tool. The photo is uploaded to the filebox of the contact that the email was sent to or the contact for whom the form was submitted in the case of a thank you page.

More info here: Picture Upload to Filebox — Novak Solutions

We use Novak’s solution with a client and it works BEAUTIFULLY! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will check this out.