Updates to Returned Throttle/Quota Headers

Good afternoon!

The gateway for Keap REST APIs is being upgraded and with that there is a change in the response headers. The current headers are explained here API Token Quota and Usage Measurements - Keap Developer Portal

What is changing: All header names with X-Apigee-* are being re-named to x-keap-* .

For example X-Apigee-Product-Quota-Limit will now come across as x-keap-product-quota-limit .

In addition to the name change, the headers will be all lower-case.

During the transition period you will see both headers come in on the response: X-Apigee-Product-Quota-Limit and x-keap-product-quota-limit . This is to give our developers time to make changes on their end.

After 10/31/2022 all headers starting with X-Apigee-* will be completely deprecated and removed.