Update a Credit Card On InfusionSoft

Hello guys I’m trying to update the credit card on infusionsoft. Here’s how I’m doing it

$this->infusionsoftService->data()->update('CreditCard', $user->creditCard->infusion_soft_credit_card_token, $creditCard)

The problem that I’m facing is that it does not updates the card on infusionsoft. Please tell me what is going wrong.

Does infusionsoft allows to update the card using api ??

Hi @Rohan_Jalil I don’t know of a way to update the card number itself. Instead, you will need to add/validate a new card and update any orders/subscriptions with the new card id.


You should be able to update the card but it’s very limited. Keep in mind that we’re dealing with PCI DSS compliance matters here. Obviously, you can’t change the actual card number since, by law, transaction records must be kept and that would invalidate the transaction record. So let’s start with what part of the CC record are you looking to change?