Trigger Invoice email via API

I’m using the Keap API to create Orders. For each Order, the customer may choose to pay by credit card, or to be invoiced. When they pay by credit card, I’m using the Keap API to record an external payment.

For each such Order I would like to email a PDF copy of an invoice to a Contact. For those that pay by credit card, the invoice will reflect their payment. For those that chose to be invoiced, the invoice will reflect their amount due.

Using the Keap API, I can create an Order, and I can add Order Items. I can record the external Payment, including the payment intent identifier in the “notes” field. So far so good.

But there seems to be no way to send the invoice to the customer using the API.

There’s an option in Keap to automatically email a receipt when an invoice gets paid, but that won’t work for the customers who choose to be invoiced.

Do I really have to use the Keap web interface, manually navigate to each Order page, and click “Send Invoice”?

Good morning Marvin,

Unfortunately we do not currently have a method available through the API to force an invoice to send. I’ll pass your concern along to our Product Managers for possible inclusion as we move forward with additional v2 API designs.

Thank you,

  • Tom Scott