Tracking full user journey - what do you use?

Heya guys,

Other than WickedReports and Segmetrics, what software have you guys found to line up your paid/organic traffic for a full user journey?

WickedReports seems to be the best out there with no competition.

Cheers guys!

Hey Chris,

I don’t have an answer to your question, but I’m curious… Is there something that wicked reports doesn’t have that you are looking for?

Hey there,

We’re looking for something like Wicked Reports and it looks great!

Whenever I’m thinking about adding value with a new tool I line it up against other similar products to see which does it best. It’s like deciding between IFS, Salesforce, Hubspot, Connectwise etc. They all do slightly different stuff and are good for different industries and scenarios.

I can’t find anything outside of Wicked Reports that does the same thing so I was checking the hive mind. Is this kind of granular reporting quite niche at the moment?

Thank you for the reply!

Hi Chris,

I see, that makes sense. Graphly also has some reporting that is good. And there are a handful of others but they are the main players.

Hey Chris, you can also check out Conversion Fly ( If you’re familiar with Todd Brown, who used to work for Rich Schefren (Strategic Profits; The Internet Business Manifesto), well Todd was behind establishing Conversion Fly. I haven’t used either Wicked Reports or Conversion Fly yet (still getting to that stage of our business cycle where we’ll need this), but so you know, I’ll be going with Wicked Reports…but still check out Conversion Fly. Hope that helps!