The best way to create a tag system

I would like to find the best way to create a tag system for my infusionsoft system

It’s great that your thinking about this! Our company has worked with so many clients that just don’t consider best practices so this is a good thing :wink:

There are a number of methodologies out there for best practices. SixthDivision has a pretty thorough one but it can be challenging in some way. The one that I understood and related to best was Troy Broussards book on best practices called Infusionsoft Mastery. It covers a lot more on best practices than just tags but he has a system that allows you to see at a glance what a tag is for. Greg Jenkins and MonkeyPod Marketing have amazing video courses on best practices and practical use training as well and he covers tags, best practices and much more as well. These aren’t the only ones by a long shot but my personal experience has mostly been shaped by them.