Testing API after successful OAuth

I’ve got a process in place that successfully gets an access and refresh token. It handles refreshing it just fine. What I can’t figure out it how to actually use the tokens I have to test against the development API to make sure I can update. everything.

I’ve attempted to use the access token to push a new contact record to my sandbox account. All I know is that it fails, but the API doesn’t seem to be returning anything (when I use the getLogs() method).

I’m building the application in Symfony 4.1 and I’m using the latest version (as of Tuesday) of the Infusionsoft PHP REST SDK. It seems like, even though I set it to debug, it still only tries connecting to production. Is there a way to change whether the SDK client posts to production versus sandbox?

The access token itself identifies the application that it was authorized against, so if you have one that was authorized against your sandbox app, it will only interface with that app.