Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) What is the status of this, and what happens if IS is not ready

Ok. I have not been paying attention to this issue, but it is a new EU requirement for 9/14/19. As I read this info I can find on this, the EU is requiring 2 factor ID for all not in person sales. The current IS shopping carts are not compliant with this. working with the keap text support they basically say they will be ready.

Does anyone know what happens if infusionsoft is not ready? Will it just cause CC failures? Will this effect people currently on payment plans or subscriptions? Is there any additional liabilty for not following the process>

Love some feed back.


Last I heard (read) there was an extension of time. Beyond that not sure.

I heard 18 month extension?

Yes. It is an 18 month extension. Our Product team is still working closely with processors to have compliant processes in place…likely sometime in early 2020.

The extension announcement says IS won’t be fined for not being ready. That’s good news for them. But what about IS users, our Euripean customers and our sales?

The FCA will not take enforcement action against firms if they do not meet the relevant requirements for SCA from 14 September 2019 in areas covered by the agreed plan, where there is evidence that they have taken the necessary steps to comply with the plan. At the end of the 18-month period, the FCA expects all firms to have made the necessary changes and undertaken the required testing to apply SCA.

It doesn’t say anything about what happens if customers from Europe try to order from the incompatible order forms.

I don’t live in Europe, but my father has received letters telling him that from Sept 15th his credit card will be more secure and that he will need to take additional authentication steps whenever he orders something.

Will European’s customers now receive more declines and us less sales because IS was not competent enough to implement this on time?

Other payment processors have had this ready for months now! Chargebee, chargify, stripe, even the FREE product woocommerce… All of them have been ready for MONTHS.

Infusionsoft is estimating that it will be ready “likely sometime in early 2020” after months of almost zero communication.

So now that we know IS won’t be ready on time. Can we please get an official statement on how it will affect IS users and their customers?

Can we please get an official response: How will Infusionsoft’s inability to implement SCA before the Sept 14 deadline affect our sales and customers?

The deadline has now passed and the lack of communication is really frustrating.

Since there was no response here, I have contacted IS support and received their official response.

It’s shocking how little regard they have for their users and their user’s revenue.

Me (9/20/2019, 3:41:15 PM): What I am hearing you say is this:

Our order forms have not been compliant by the September 14th deadline.

We are fine with that, because we were granted an 18M extension where we won’t be fined.

We have no idea if our users’ customer’s orders will start declining at some point or not.

We have no systems in place to monitor it. We have no plan in place in case it happens.

We simply rely on our users complaining to us IF THEY SOMEHOW BY ACCIDENT discover that their rate of decline has increased.

Me (9/20/2019, 3:41:33 PM): Can you please confirm that this is indeed Infusionsoft’s official response

Jennylyn (9/20/2019, 3:42:46 PM): Yes, this is Infusionsoft/Keap official response.

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