Specific times of day where system is slow?

Just curious, we’ve been testing a campaign and it seems as though the system is really taking a long time to process. Are there better times than others for testing?

Some are predictable and others are subjective. Obvious predictable might be scheduled updates. I believe sunday evenings would be a good example of this. Others are driven by day of week, time of day, heavy activity specific to industry model, geo-location of the majority of clients and a partridge in a pear tree. It’s reasonable to assume, for example, that high peak times would be in the early morning 7-9ish when people are waking up or getting ready to leave or in the early evening 4-6ish when people are getting home. Equally, saturday might also be a peak time in general.

So for best testing times I would say to first test for through put and accuracy and track/benchmark that so that you will know what the numbers look like…unless it’s black Thursday… then all bets are off lol

This may be a coincidence, but I learned that Systems is currently investigating reports of general slowness - no official communication though. They just started looking into it a few minutes ago. The heaviest usage is generally from 8 AM to 1 PM MST if that helps you to determine an optimal time for testing.

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Sure does, thanks Martin!

I realize that this is from 11 months ago. We’re still having issues. Between about 1130 and 1430, Central time, our IS goes extremely slowly. We have to refresh our pages or complete close the account and reopen every other task we perform. We have 3 different users here experiencing the same issue.

Has anyone found a work-around for this? Is this something that IS is aware of and is working on?