Smartsheet Integration with Infusionsoft

Looking for an expert who can help integrate our smartsheet and infusionsoft data. Staffing company. Need to move data back and forth between both apps. Contact me to discuss the opportunity.

Hi Scott:

You can connect the two systems using Zapier. In addition to being an Infusionsoft/Keap Certified Partner, I’m also Expert Certified in Zapier. Would love to discuss helping you.

Please email me or schedule a time to chat and we can continue the conversation.



Hi Jeff,

Do you have any experience moving data from …


If you mean “from Smartsheets”, yes, I’ve worked with that before. Zapier is a fairly user-friendly system of being able identify the data on one end and feed to the other. I’ve also worked with an integration with another Zapier-like automation system that has some more robust (but less user-friendly) features.


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