Set up email for rating service

Wanting to set up an email campaign for AFTER a project is finished. First email would be a RATE YOUR SERVICE with 3 button options: Great, OK, Bad. When recipient clicks on one of those it triggers a campaign for sending in reviews or having me follow up to see what when wrong.
How do I set up the rating buttons?

Hi Megan this is a campaign that is simple in nature ONCE you get it, its more complex than a straight line campaign.

the main thing you need to do is have landing pages that the buttons link to - so they click on the ‘happy face’ show them the review landing page.

When I set this up, I simply got three images (happy, satisfied, unhappy faces) coloured them appropriately (green, amber, red) and linked those to the landing pages

Hope that gives you a starting point.


That makes sense. Thanks Andy!