Save new tag with PHP REST API

Though I am pointed to the REST documentation frequently for using the PHP SDK, I tried using $infusionsoft->tags()->create( $tag_object ) and I received Infusionsoft\\Api\\Rest\\TagService cannot use save function. How might I be able to save a tag using the PHP SDK?

I don’t believe REST has that feature yet. The XML-RPC has a data object with the Add method that you can use to write to the ContactGroup table (thats the name for the table for tags).

It would seem there is support, but there might be a problem with the SDK. I will wait to hear from someone at Infusionsoft about this. Thanks.

Looks like this got fixed and released yesterday. Thanks Infusionsoft Devs!

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At time of writing, REST API supports the following for the Tag resource:

  • List Tags
  • Create Tag
  • Retrieve a Tag
  • Remove Tag from Contacts
  • List Tagged Contacts
  • Apply Tag to Contacts
  • Remove Tag from Contact
  • Create Tag Category