Retrieving User / Contact from a User Type Custom Field’s Value

I am trying to retrieve the User associated to the value (presumably an ID) that is returned from fetching a custom field that is of type “User” when using the XML-RPC API.

This link: How to retrieve drilldown custom field actual value using the API seems to be covering the same issue, but I still would like some clarification.

Can the value returned from a custom field that is of type User be associated to another value (a different table, endpoint…)?

Using the XML-RPC request: ContactService.load with the custom field: _PIAinCharge and other standard fields yields this response in JSON:

    "FirstName": "John",
    "_PIAinCharge": 36997,
    "DateCreated": "2017-07-01T13:47:32.000Z",
    "Id": 12345,
    "LastName": "Doe"

So if that is indeed the actual user id then yes, the User table holds that information and can be read with the dsQuery method

Thanks John! I thought I tried that but I must have done something wrong because it works perfectly!

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