REST API: Querying opportunities by contact ID?

I’m trying to make sure I’m not missing something - the “user_id” input parameter on the v1 opportunities endpoint of the REST api doesn’t seem to correspond to contacts, only users. Passing in a valid contact ID returns zero results and nothing in the documentation indicates that the endpoint is queryable by contact ID. Our opportunities are tied to our contacts, not our users. Is there a way to query for a contact’s opportunities through this endpoint? I’m guessing the v2 version of this endpoint is still not functional as it isn’t listed in the documentation. Am I stuck using the XML-RPC for something this basic?

Hi @Sean_Dove,

Looking at the API documentation, you will be better off using the XML-RPC API here as it offers far more flexibility in querying the Opportunities.

You will need to use the “Data Service - Query” API Function:

The “Lead” API Table is needed to be queried on:

You can supply the “ContactID” into the Query Parameter.

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