REST API Create Tag - get ID if duplicate

I’m referring to this method: Keap REST API

It the tag already exists, I’m getting a JSON with a message about duplication. It would be great if the ID of the matching existing tag would be returned as well

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I just use the standard api to simulate addWithDupCheck on tags. It uses the same oauth token and there isn’t any reason not to, but you could do that same with REST if you wanted to also.

Hi @Arseni_Timofeev, would being able to filter the list of tags by name be a useful alternative? That way you could check if one exists before creation.

Yes - that would be a great option. I’ve found a workaround using legacy tables, but having this feature in REST API would definitely be nice to have

A really good solution would be if REST API would return the ID of the existing tag along with the ‘duplicate’ message on an attempt to create a tag, that already exists.

Ok I will get a story on our backlog to add tag name as a filter parameter. I’ll also run the idea of returning the found duplicate tag id in the response by the team to see what they think.

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