Referral Links to specific product pages

Is it possible to set up a referral link that goes to a specific webpage or does it only send directly to the home page? I tried to paste a URL that goes to a specific page on our site and got an error message.

Hi Robin,

You can definitely set up a referral link that goes to specific pages on your site - in fact, it’s generally a good practice to create referral links to specific pages because it gives your partners the ability to use them in specific recommendations, and it reduces the number of actions the contact needs to take once they’re on your site for them to buy or opt in.

What is the error you’re seeing? Happy to try and help troubleshoot!

Thanks Greg. I did give it another try and it worked. Now I guess I need to sign in as them and retrieve it. It made sense that it was doable. The error message must have been a fluke. Thanks for your quick response.

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