Product listing order revisit

I saw the question posed in 2018, with no solution at that time. I’m wondering if there’s an update to that yet?

I would like to be able to specify IN WHAT ORDER I want the products to appear in my storefront pages. The default appears to be alphabetical order by product name [ascending].

However because these products have a date in them (date of audio recording), that means that the order is EARLIEST product at the top, and MOST RECENT product at the bottom. I want to be able to reverse that order, so the MOST RECENT offerings appear at the top of the group. I assume that means that I would like to specify “alphabetical-DESCENDING” rather than the default “alphabetical-ASCENDING.”

Is there a place where I can change that?

Thanks in advance for any input other than “use an outside app…” or “change the name of the products” :wink: