Problem with Zapier APIs extracting Address REGION codes, and inability to set REGION during Create or Update Contact Zap

I am trying to set Contact Address fields in one Keap App, using contact data extracted from another Keap App using the ‘New Contact Tag applied’ trigger.

When setting REGION on the contact, the ‘Create or Update Contact’ zap requires the REGION CODE. I understand the reason for that. However, the trigger zap that outputs contact data, outputs the Region as a text field (e.g. “New South Wales”) not as the Region Code. This means I cannot update the contact’s address.

Furthermore, the REGION CODE includes the COUNTRY CODE. However for Australia, the COUNTRY CODE is “AUS” but the REGION CODE starts with “AU-” (e.g. “AU-NSW”).

How can this be resolved? Is it a limitation in the API calls not outputting REGION CODE? What if Address data is provided by a third-party database? Is there a (large) lookup table that can map all global Regions (text) to their Keap Region Code?

We cover this issues all the time.

You need to set up a step before adding data to Zapier that converts the data to the required output. I have a blog post that outlines it here: Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) Address Issues When Using API | 4Spot Consulting


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I ran into this same issue in Zapier. My solution (for now at least) was to CLONE an old Zap that was using the now unavailable Keap Max Classic tool (rather than the new Keap tool) and then just edit the cloned zap. You can’t create a NEW Zap with the Keap Max Classic option, but it WILL allow you to clone an old zap then use the Keap Max Classic tool in the cloned zap. The old Keap Max Classic tool uses the old mapping of State, Country, etc., and doesn’t care if there is a misspelling etc. whereas the new Keap tool will FAIL if the region_code and/or country_code are not used OR if they not formatted correctly. This is a big problem for sure since Keap/Zapier have forced use of the new tool …