Problem in getting access token

I am trying to get access token
but i am getting this results

stdClass Object ( [status] => BAD_CLIENT_ID [message] => missing or unknown client id [correlationId] => 59f7bfb2-8b47-4cbf-a27d-5adab3d93065 [requestId] => 1d2fcad9c6b7978b857952c616e7104e )

how can i solve it ?

I’m not sure what SDK you are using, but that looks like PHP; I’m assuming the error message means that you are lacking a Client Id / Client Secret when trying to make a call to get an Access Token.

I would recommend that you read the documentation for the SDK, as well as the OAuth documentation available on our developer site.

But I am providing Client_id and client_secret


My vid walks through every oauth step. Maybe you’ll catch something that might help: