Printing saved searches

GOAL: To create a school style register with First Name, Last Name, Reg 1, Reg 2, Reg 3, Reg 4.

In order to achieve this, I’ve created a REGISTRATION header in contact and Reg 1, Reg 2, Reg 3, Reg 4 fields. So far so good.

I’ve created saved searches of my contacts. So far so good.

When it comes to print the saved search, it’s grim. The formatting is horrendous, there are no grids etc, all the custom fields bunch up, centre un-neccessarily, and don’t provide a text box, like I hoped they would, for register entry.

I tried to get around it by creating a false record and fill in the Reg 1, Reg 2 columns with fake data to create some spacing. Very creative! However, the layout is still poor.

There may be a better way to get a register printed out of my data? I kind of have ideological issues with exporting into a spreadsheet. If I’m going to do that, I may as well have a spreadsheet anyway and there isn’t any point in creating an extra step of IS that gets in the way.

Many thanks,