Possibly off topic but I need advice

I’m in town for UI but the Airbnb I’m staying at has no real p,ace to sit down and work. I have a phone meeting at 7 pm and need my laptop, WiFi etc. does anyone know of a place near or within 20 mins of Infusionsoft that would be a decent and appropriate place to sit down and work/talk? I just don’t know the area well enough.


Hi Keith,

Peixoto Coffee in downtown Chandler is pretty good and the internet is fast. There is also Gangplank which is a drop-in community workspace in Downtown Chandler (it’s by Peixoto too). I also like Chop Shop which is a cafe and can get noisy but food is great.

I will remember that for next time I’m in town. Again, I got an Airbnb that didn’t have desk access. The room I normally get from the same guy has a room with a great big desk with all the trimmings, just wasn’t available this time and I didn’t know it.

Thanks for the info!