Plugin Virtuemart


I need to write a Virtuemart plugin to send data to InfusionSoft.
Write a Virtuemart plugin is ok.
But how to communicate with Infusionsoft.
XML RPC seems to be no longer valid.
So REST API, but any code example. It’a little hard.
Can you help me ?

Best Regards

The RPC is completely valid and used by thousands of integrations every day. The question is more around what you wish to update in Infusionsoft from your Virtuemart plugin?

I need to store clients and orders when order is finalized.

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Then you have the option of using the rpc in one of two ways. There are methods for creating contacts and orders and applying manual payments (to reflect the paid status of the orders). You can also use the query object to reference the associated tables and just create entries yourself for each record as well.

Did you ever write the plugin? Is it available to share?