Payment Accounts

Is there a way to use two different Payment Accounts within one user account. I have a company and a non-profit and I want to be able to separate their payments.

Difficult but some things can be done. It would likely require separate order forms that have the merchant account assigned to each. Tags would need to be used to track which is which as well.

Separate Order Forms I can do. How do I select Paypal as the Merchant Account though. It’s not showing up in the drop down menu to select?

PayPal isn’t setup where your merchant accounts are (it’s not really a merchant account per se so it has it’s own setup).

Goto E-Commerce->E-Commerce Setup and then under Payment, select Payment Types:

You will then be able to setup PayPal there:

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No, I wasn’t clear. I added Paypal there. It’s not an option on the order form. How do I get Paypal selected as the merchant on the order form for the item?