Pay to get more votes on a webinar app

I am looking to set the following up

I have a webinar running.

I want to give all attendees ONE vote.

I want to allow them to pay to have MORE VOTES 1, 2,10 etc

And this to be collected/segmented in my app.

I want it to be automatic - so they can get more votes as the show is running.

Integration with webinar - not 100% required (I don’t think).

We are using zoom - who said it would have to be manual tallying.

We would change webinar app if required.

Any suggestions?


or how could I do this with landing pages?

Thinking - person registers - gets applied a tag = has one vote

They vote on a landing page - which removes that tag.

Pays money - gets more tags added

Votes - removes tags each time they vote

How to STOP them from voting/disabling the form if they have no tags?

How to show them who they voted for and/or how many tags (credits) they have left?