MS SQL to Infusionsoft SQL

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The only Mysql service available for Infusionsoft is Novak Solutions Data Warehouse, which provides a one-way sync from Infusionsoft to a Mysql database. Pushing data from a database into Infusionsoft requires a custom API script that would read out your database and push relevant updates to Infusionsoft to keep things in sync.

Is there still no other option for connecting an external database other than Novak? Novak sounds like a nice corporate solution for monster databases. But I’m just starting out and looking to explore whats possible, working with a very different budget to Novak prices though im sure it’s good value if it meets your needs

I personally use these solutions for db management and it shows great results in development and management. MongoDB, MySQL, NoSQL, you name it. It’s compatible with several our databases and provides with some interesting options for gathering and processing data, also, no problems with integration with other services.

The rpc api allows api access to ~60 tables and can be used to sync to a SQL solution. I’ve done this myself and for clients and it’s fairly straight forward. But Novak is the only one I know of that’s already designed specifically for IS already. Other solutions usually require mapping to your tables still so it’s almost better to do your own in that case