Move custom fields to another header

Is there a way to move a custom field from one header to another within the same tab?

You can’t “move” them no. You can re-create them under the header you would like but then that would change the DB name and all it’s uses would have to be modified. Alternatively, you could rename the header they are currently under.

@Super_Admin, yes you can definitely reorganize which tab and header a custom field goes under. Just click on “Edit” for the custom field (go to Admin > Settings > General > Custom Fields. Then click on “Show Advanced Options” and reorganize where you want the field to appear.


I thought that changed the DB name? Am I mistaken? Would be cool if I was lol

The only thing that changes the database name is if the custom field name is changed…not what tab it is organized under. Unless there’s something I don’t about. I clicked on the link that takes you to the database names and they’re real simple…just the name of the custom field.

This worked great. Thank you. It’s simple but it was not obvious to me when I was looking for it. Thank you very much. The database name stayed the same.

Glad to help, @Super_Admin =) It’s not obvious so don’t feel bad!