Merge function within PHP iSDK


I use the iSDK via PHP on a daily basis but this is the first occasion I have had to use this particular function. I don’t appear to be receiving any errors but it just is not merging the contact records.

It seems to be formatted differently to all the other functions, am I missing something?

$App = new iSDK;
$MergeArray = array(

Hey @Stephen_Carter,

Just letting you know I’ve now linked this up with your existing case with us, in case that helps speed things up.

Again, it was great talking with you!


Good afternoon, Stephen.

I looked up the code backing this method and just want to verify the data you are working with:

  • Both Contacts are not Users
  • Both Contacts do not belong to Companies
    These appear to be the two preconditions on the method, although I do not see any documentation around that.

Thank you,

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Hi Tom,

I’ve checked and the sample data I have in the sandbox account are not users and do not belong to companies.

Kind regards,


@TomScott Bumping for visibility :point_up_2: