Merge Field for name only of Upcoming Month?

Something like ~Date.NextMonth~

We have monthly billing on products and send out billing reminders close to the end of every month. For example, “This is your invoice for October…” is sent on Sept 27th. Each month during the rollover I spend hours manually changing all the months forward in the email copy. It would be amazing to automate that.

I am wondering if there is some kind of secret merge field code that can automate it so that it populates only the name of the next month. Can the current month merge field be altered somehow to produce the only the word “October” when in the month of September ?

You might find this post helpful. Tons of little merge field tricks. Undocumented Merge Field list for Date and Time - Max Classic - Keap Community

Thanks James. I’ve already looked through that, but unfortunately there is no such option in “Undocumented Merge Field list” for only the name of the next month. So I’m hoping there’s a workaround.

I don’t think there is a merge field specifically for that however, there are campaign merge fields (not the same as standard merge fields) that you can use and would only have to change in one place each month to affect everything that uses it all at once.

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Hey, that’s a start in the right direction! Thank you!

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Try this|plus_months(1)|custom(MMMM)~

Found the MMMM under the Date Field Symbol Table on this page

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Cool, @Travis_Lange. I don’t see this on Undocumented Merge Field list for Date and Time so the link you just posted is very helpful :slight_smile:


Amazing Travis, thank you!! What a life-saver!!!