Make mock API calls

We are working on a WordPress Gravity Forms/Infusionsoft plugin.

Our lead developer has this question:

The API enforces an SSL connection, which makes it hard to test locally. Since I haven’t figured out how to make mock API calls, I’m basically doing my testing on staging.

What do you recommend?

The wordpress gravity form plugin does not require ssl. It uses the legacy api and the api key authentication method which has not ssl/tls requirements. A sandbox app for Infusionsoft can be created for testing here:

Thanks @John_Borelli. If we want to use the newer API, how would we set that up?

If you’re using the gravity forms plugin then there are no other options.

Hi @John_Borelli. We’re considering rewriting the plugin, which is why we’re asking about testing the new version of the API in a test environment.

So there is a new version of the legacy sdk that supports all of the old code format and has oauth authentication built in. So all that would be needed is to replace the old with the new support files and then modify/change the authentication design…the rest of the objects/methods should remain the same.