Is there a way to create a new company record via the REST API or otherwise?

Regarding to your solution post and other post, I got a bit understanding from your suggestions to create company.

The workflow is going to require 3 steps to create a contact with company(For REST API)

  1. Create a company by “Create Contact” function and pre-fill accoutid.
  2. Retrieve/save the account ID from insertion on step 1.
  3. Add new contact for client and save that accountid to “company”=>“id”

Couple of questions(REST API documentation doesn’t show it ):

  1. What if accountid is already existing on another company ? Will the data be overwritten ? Or API request will error ?
  2. Will you create Company module in REST API shortly? If yes, will that work around from your suggestion be still be available ?

I have tried this PHP coe and it got error “Input could not be converted to a valid request”

$newCompany = [
	 'company' => [
		'company_name' =>  "Test"
	, 'AccountId' => 100];
$insertCompany = $this->infusionsoft->contacts()->create($newCompany);

@Ethan_Kusters , one quick question for you, have you used similar php data structure to create new company ?