Is there a way to change status of credit card to "inactive"?


I have an option in my system to add/edit cc info. I was told that the last cc charged will be the one IS charges the new bill, regardless if I added a new card. And since we can’t assign a default cc (Or can we?) I need to find a way to make a credit card “Inactive”. In the documentation Table Schema Documentation - Keap Developer Portal it says that the status is only “read”. I was wondering if we have a work around?

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Joanna D

There is a deactivate function called “ProductService.deactivateCreditCard”, you can check more in xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal

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Nice @Von_Ryan_Javillonar!!! It apparently is in the language interfaces like PHP as well…great catch!

Thank you for the insight @Von_Ryan_Javillonar!