Is it possible to grab the sku from the order.delete event?

the order is deleted from keap crm. i try to use list the transactions within a certain timeframe and match on the order id, but the order doesn’t appear to be in the list. is it possible to get that order information after it was deleted?

@John_Borelli it seems the order is totally gone and any remnants of it when it is deleted. would you agree? not even transactions of say an order being deleted have any record in the db. do you have any ideas on how i could get this information? i’m looking at legacy apis but i think the fact is that there is no trace of the order, plain and simple.

So technically speaking, the order isn’t actually gone but rather just “soft deleted”. The api, last I checked, can still “see” it if you have the order id. So test this but when you get the id, try doing a read on the orders table using the id that’s sent to you.