Invoices not sending

When a subscription is created that gets billed yearly, why are invoices not sent on the date they are created? It seems they aren’t sent automatically until weeks later. How can I fix this?

Hi Kate! If the Subscription Record has the “Email the invoice to the customer upon successful payment” checked then the invoice would be emailed once it’s been paid. If the invoices aren’t being sent when it’s created then most likely the first attempts failed.

If you go into the order record, you can scroll down to see the “Payment Attempt History”. This will show if any of the attempts failed.

Here is a video of how to locate it from the Subscription Record

But how can they pay an invoice if they aren’t receiving it? It doesn’t make sense to send an invoice after it’s paid. I need them to see it so they CAN pay it.

The invoices are only sent automatically when it’s been paid. If you have not using recurring billing to charge their credit card then you would have to manually send them an invoice for them to pay.

I appreciate your fast replies but this doesn’t seem to help. We have many yearly subscriptions and their invoices are automatically sent when they are due every year. We do NOT want to automatically charge people’s cards. I’m trying to figure out why some of the subscriptions send out an invoice automatically (without automatically charging cards) and some subscriptions do not.

I would reach out to Support with specific examples of Subscriptions that had invoices automatically sent when they weren’t paid. They can troubleshoot what is happening since the system isn’t designed to send invoices unless it’s been been paid.

I will reach out. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would an “open invoice” email be generated only after it’s paid? I will reach out to support - thanks.

It’s just how our system works. The only time the system will automatically send the invoice is when it has been paid.