Introduction to all

Hi, I’m Pete from Cheltenham in the UK and am brand new to IS. Not a techie so slightly nervous about this journey! Hope to learn lots and eventually help others coming on as newbies.

Welcome to the Community, @Peter_Rowan!

Welcome, @Peter_Rowan. We’re here to help!

Welcome @Peter_Rowan, don’t be nervous – there is great help, online training, and an even better community here and on FB to support you.

Congrats on making the leap!

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Hi Everyone,

I’m new here, scared, excited, and not even sure if I’m posting this intro in the right place.

Chris Corrales

Hey @Peter_Rowan, don’t be nervous, be excited!! You’ve made a great choice and with the right strategy in place you will knock it out the park :slight_smile:

I am also UK based and a InfuisonSoft Certified Partner so if you ever have any questions at all please do feel free to reach out :smiley:

@chris_corrales, don’t be scared and be more excited :wink:

You have a great tool behind you now, just make sure you use it to it’s most :slight_smile: