Infusionsoft University

Shocking that the online Infusionsoft university courses are chargeable.

I agree there should be a charge for one to one coaching, but I don’t think you should be charging active Infusionsoft users for strategies on how to implement the software in a live streamed event.

Your current users are paying a minimum of $200 dollars per month. Infusionsoft should go above and beyond to make sure that their customers are seeing a return on investment.


Hi @Greg_Smith, connect with @Heath_Smythe for access to the SBSA program if you haven’t already - It’s a fairly new self-paced LMS, but content-rich. It is being developed by our Training team.

You can also register for the free monthly webinars. These should cover all of your basic training needs. For more in-depth questions, utilize the Help Center or just ask here.

Hi Martin,
Thank you for the reply. I have registered for the SBSA programme.
Is this programme going to aimed more at strategy rather than implementation?
The Infusionsoft university seems to be aimed more towards strategy.



Hey, Greg. I pinged @Heath_Smythe today to help answer your question. He is more familiar with the curriculum of these two resources and can answer this better than I can.