Infusionsoft Token -> Deactivated Account

Hello everyone,

I just have a quick question about the deactivation process in regards to authorized tokens. Basically I have an infusionsoft user that was using the api to push accounts from a website into infusionsoft. To do that he went through the initial authorization process, input his information, and was given an access token and refresh token that he refreshes every 12 hours. That process is already locked down automatically but I was wondering if we deactivate that users account will the token be able to refresh or will it die. We are not deactivating the registered application just his infusionsoft user account. Any information would be very helpful, thank you

You will still be able to refresh the token. This happens outside of Infusionsoft at our API Proxy. However when you make an API call you will receive a 401 using that token since the user is no longer active.