Infusionsoft Sync For Outlook not appearing in outlook but appears as a separate window

I’ve been using the infusionsoft sync plug in, in outlook for years. For some reason this week the infusionsoft sidebar in outlook now appears as a big blank space, and the actual sidebar shows up as its own window when i minimize outlook. Microsoft support was unable to help… Any ideas on how to restore the sidebar to its sidebar location in outlook?

Having the same issue… I uninstalled the plugin a few times and followed the instructions at this link
It still shows up as a separate window that can’t dragged anywhere.
I am awaiting a solution before i reinstall.

HI Lani,
I tried this also and have had no luck. I spoke with Outlook tech support and they too havent been able to fix it. They had me create a new outlook profile and then reinstall the plug in. That didn’t work… They also had me reset the sidebar settings. this is how to do that:

Doing the following will reset Outlook views to default:

Try hitting Windows + R to get the run window up. Then enter "Outlook.exe /resetnavpane" without the quote marks and hit enter.

We’re having the same issue, as is a client of ours. No fix so far it seems.

Here’s the resolution. I have confirmed with a client as I had an additional application behaving in the same manner. Very irritating indeed.

This is not an issue relating to the Infusionsoft Addon itself, but an issue with the latest outlook update. See the screenshot below for the configurations in Outlook to resolve the display issue. In addition, be sure to set your IS sidebar display preference too. Once complete, be sure to close outlook and restart.


WORKS! Thank you very much. Been chasing my tail on this for a while and knew it was Outlook update related but did not know if it was a MS or IS issue. Thanks again!

@Lee_Pomerantz. Glad to see it worked as well for you! Have a great week.
Sara Khoudary

Side bar is no longer attached to Outlook since last update. Anyone else have this problem?

There is currently a known issue on this:


Thanks Sara.

Outlook had permanently blocked the add-in after a crash. I first had to re-enable it from the options, and then apply your setting to get it to show in the right place. But it seems to be running again. That tip was useful.

Julian, Great to hear it worked as well for you as well. Have a great week.
Sara Khoudary

Hi-a John. See the resolution in place. It’s not due to the IS addon. It’s related to a known issue with a recent update within outlook. SK

Wow! This fixed it!! Thanks for posting!!

Sure thing @Joey_Domagala. Glad it worked!

Thanks Sarah
I had the same issue on a new PC running Windows 10 with the latest version of Outlook.
Your recommendation worked… THANKS!
I always prefer function over form, that way things just work.
Stay safe
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That worked perfectly!!!