Infusionsoft API's OAuth2 occasionally redirects somewhere else

We’re connecting our app to Infusionsoft and we’re following this guide.

Specifically at the Request Permission section of that guide, normally we would be redirected to this Allow/Deny page:

But occasionally, we instead get redirected to this Your Accounts page instead:

From that “Your Accounts” page, our user has to click back twice in order to go to that Allow/Deny page. This is rare but it kinda breaks the user experience. It would be nice to prevent this from happening at all.

Is there another OAuth2 setting that we may have missed?
We’re fairly certain that its not a setting in our side because we keep giving the same URL and parameters with .

There are no secret settings, only the required ones listed on OAuth2 Authentication - Keap Developer Portal : client_id and redirect_uri.

Something like this would be very hard for us to isolate from our end… do you have a particular reproducible case I can track down?

We see the same behavior right now in a mobile app using oauth - seemingly random - 90% of the time it redirects back to us, 10% of the time it takes me to the account dashboard or into an actual account if it is a single account user.

I have seen this, but only during a deployment when one of the backends is shutdown. If you are seeing it consistently then I suspect maybe we are not received the session cookie or somehow you are getting a new session cookie.

@TomScott Ok thanks. We have no “consistent” reproducible case. The closest we get is doing the following:

1 Open an incognito browser, and login to our Infusionsoft Sandbox account
2 Open a not-incognito browser, and login to our app.
3 from #2, connect to Infusionsoft.

The redirect bug sometimes happens in step #3. But true, its not consistent enough that we can get something out of it though

Ok noted! The good thing is we are not seeing it consistently. I guess we may start our investigation at the new session cookie part. Thanks!

I realize this doesn’t add much, but I’ve encountered this issue myself from time to time. I haven’t kept track of the frequency it redirects to the wrong page, but it feels more like 25% of the time to me.

Thanks for the report.