Import COntacts

How do I import my Apple Address book using CSV when I keep getting the error

File upload exceeds maximum allowed size.

The whole idea of paying good money is to avoid these issues

Please help

*Post deleted because it was confusing. SORRY!


Your screen shot shows 200Mb but mine shows 10Mb. How do I fix this so I can import my CSV file?


Hi Robert - I would suggest that you break the file up into smaller sizes and import them separately. That way you can stay below the file size limitations. Also as noted above, make sure the import file is cleaned up before attempting to import as that avoids most of the upload issues

But Nancy 10mb is small. How do I change it to 200Mb like in Martin’s screen shot?


His screen shot is most likely a staff login and he was simply wanting to illustrate the detail about uploads in general. How big is your actual file?

So how do I get better options so I can load my 103Mb file?

You don’t. 10Mb limit is on every user’s account.

Here is one option. Keep in mind cnet is the most annoying website on the planet, but the software is usually legit if you click on the right download link.

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Hi Robert!

If the question is still relevant or you want to know other ways to perform your contacts data import, you may take a look at Data2CRM service.

It allows you to migrate from CSV files directly to Infusionsoft CRM. The solution will import your data in a fully automated and secure way. It also saves relations between records. You just need to press a few buttons and the system will do all the hard work for you.

Hope my answer will be helpful.
Good luck!