I'm Kenny (~pK) from Atlanta, GA "How's Everyone?"

Hello Everyone! I am blown away that there is a community for me to meet others who are using this cool program. I teach piano to kids online and in traditional settings. I have an online LMS for the music lesson content, and I market my services well using flyers and PPC adds. I am moving more toward developing the online lesson business and I believe InfusionSoft will be a backbone of the communication with my new and existing customers.

I would love to learn from you guys, and to share a few things I have learned along the way. My business is about helping parents afford piano and drum lessons for their children. We stay focused on the kids and everything takes care of itself. Hope to hear from you soon. By the way. Though my name is Kenny, my friends call me ~pK. It’s short for Pastor Ken. Blessings!!!


Hey, PK! Your among friends here. We have a wealth of experts to help you leverage Infusionsoft. I would love to hear what you’ve learned along the way, or any advice you have for new Infusionsoft customers, or community members that are just being introduced to Infusionsoft. Thanks!

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Welcome, Kenny!! We’re glad to have you here!!


Glad to be here.

Welcome @Kenneth_Wilson, I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park with our help :slight_smile: