I can't get the token with python

Hello all,

I have a problem when I try obtained token or refresh token with python.

The idea is the next:

  1. I can obtined acces token and refresh token if I generate here:

But here found the first problem: The token is only for 24 h and I need the infinity token, in other words, I need generate a token without necesity to entry for the previus page, every 24h.

The other option is use the refresh token, I have this, but I have the same problem that explain before, the token is for 90 days and I can use to generate new acces token, rigth? In this case I have the nex question:

How I can use this refresh token to generate new token in python?

And after 90 days I need entry again in page for the before image, to obtained a new refresh token?

If you need more information to help me, please tell me and as soon as possible I share this.

You will generally want to run a service that refreshes the tokens before the access token expires (24 hours). You will then be given a NEW SET of tokens that you would need to update a database with so that the service can do it all again before the next expiration time happens.