HttpPost failing when requesting access token after callback

Hi All,

I have a sandbox app with credentials. I’m attempting to request a token but getting an error message during HttpPostt.


Data “client_id=” + ClientId + “&redirect_uri=” + “https://” + GetServerName() + GetEntryURL(“Callback2”,“chicago”) + “&grant_type=authorization_code&client_secret=” + ClientSecret + “&code=” + Code

Content_Type “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”

Please let me know what you think. There is already an access code and refresh token provded directly from the but I need to be able to do this from my site.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, HTTPPost not Put.

If you have an application doing stand-alone processes I would recommend using a tool like PostMan to walk the authorization process (OAuth2 Authentication - Keap Developer Portal) then store the Access Token and Refresh Token on the system for use.

Hi Tom,

Getting the access and refresh through a REST client has already been done. I need my site to update the refresh token on a timer and aldo am concerned that other Rest calls won’t happen because of some SSL TLS issue that I’m unaware of.

seems like im having the same problem, does it return a 401 UnAuthoriized: invalid_client error also when requesting access tokens??