How to stop task pop up notifications?

How to stop the constant task pop up notifications.

Until they are completed/deleted I don’t believe you can.

Also - If you go to My Day - You can delete/complete them I think?

I’d have to look but I think you can do it from there too…

If you’d rather not use that function, why are the Tasks being created, to begin with? Are you meaning to do that?

Thank you!

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The problem I am experiencing is every time I complete an activity InfusionSoft creates a new pop up.


The new one that Pops up - That is a different Client I’m guessing?

I found a solution. Work then close it or dismiss it. Otherwise, it creates many windows.

Yes, those too will stop them from popping up. But I would try and find out why they are popping up to begin with? :thinking: